Typical Cologne – what to do?

What is typical Cologne, exactly? «Hey Kölle – Du bes e Jeföhl» (“Hey Cologne, You’re a Feeling”) is the title of a famous song by Höhner - a cult band hailing from the Rhine metropolis. And there’s no better way to experience the Cologne feeling than by going to the places frequented by the locals. An excursion to the old town is always a great choice. Take a leisurely stroll along the Rhine bank or through the old town before popping into one of the breweries or a small corner bar for a refreshing Kölsch beer. And you’re right there, in the thick of it – you’ve got the Cologne feeling.

Discover Cologne

A small hint: the blue apron-clad ‘Köbes’ (typical Cologne beer waiter) takes his responsibility very seriously. He’ll bring beer to your table with a wheel-shaped tray and beer glasses. And he won’t stop coming back to top up your glass until you place a beer mat over it.

Although the Kölsch dialect is almost a language in its own right, your ear will soon become accustomed it. And whether you meet him at the theatre, a concert by a local band or the carnival – his easy-going and friendly nature soon endears the Cologne native to guests from far and wide.

Do you fancy taking in the city views from lofty heights after your conference? The distinctive silhouette of the Cologne Triangle – an office tower with a viewing platform on the 29th floor – is a striking presence on the right bank of the Rhine. The magnificent views encompass the old town, cathedral, Rhine and many more city sights and landmarks.

Event spaces are also available for rent in the same building. With views like these accompanying your congress, conference, meeting or seminar, you’re bound to get that ‘Cologne feeling’.